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Hypothesize: robust statistics in Python


Hypothesize is a robust statistics library for Python based on Rand R. Wilcox's R package WRS. With Hypothesize you can compare groups and measure associations using methods that outperform traditional statistical approaches in terms of power and accuracy.

For more information on robust methods please see Wilcox's book Introduction to Robust Estimation and Hypothesis Testing.

Getting Started

User Guide

Bug reports and Questions

Hypothesize is BSD-licenced and the source code is available on GitHub. For issues and questions, please use GitHub Issues.

Citing Hypothesize


If you use Hypothesize in academic work, please use the following citation:

Campopiano, A., & Wilcox, R. R. (2020). Hypothesize: Robust Statistics for Python. Journal of Open Source Software, 5(50), 2241,


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Contributing to Hypothesize

The best way to contribute to Hypothesize is to take any function from the WRS collection and convert it to Python. For more details, please see in the GitHub repository.